_ Codex Bezae or Cantabrigiensis
 (D, 05) Sixth Century
This manuscript of the four gospels (Matthew, John, Luke, Mark) and some of Acts contains 406 leaves each measuring 10 x 8 with a single column of text. The left-hand page is the Greek and the right - hand side is Latin (bilingual manuscript). There are 33 colometric lines on each page - each line ends with a natural pause. The first three lines of each book is written with red ink and the remainder with brown ink. The high and middle points are used as punctuation along with the colon. A later hand has added liturgical marginal notations for the beginning (archi) and the ending (telos) of readings. There is evidence of as many as nine correctors who have worked on the manuscript between the sixth and twelfth century.

It is noted that St. Luke's Gospel alone, of the books contained, is preserved complete.

Codex Bezae, one of the five most important Greek New Testament manuscripts, and the most interesting of all on account of its peculiar readings; scholars designate it by the letter D . It receives its name from Theodore Beza, from the University of Cambridge, which obtained it as a gift from Beza in 1581 and still is in possession it. The text is bilingual, Greek and Latin. The manuscript, written in uncial characters, forms a quarto volume, of excellent vellum, 10 x 8 inches, with one column to a page, the Greek being on the left page (considered the place of honor), the parallel Latin facing it on the right page.

The type of text found in D is very ancient, yet it has survived in this one Greek manuscript alone, though it is found also in the Old Latin, the Old Syriac, and the Old Armenian versions. It is the so-called Western Text, or one type of the Western Text.

The Syriac Aramaic Peshitta Text of the Gospel of Luke is also presented here, as is the Syriac Aramaic Acts of the Apostles text, and the Greek Gospel of Thomas from Oxyrhynchus.

Greek text based on the transcript of F. H. SCRIVENER
unique features of the codex Bezae from comparison with texts of the edition of Nestle - Aland:

- in bold character: difference in the vocabulary, the declension, the conjugation or the phonetics.
- word underline: order specific from terms
- between brackets [.. ] :Restitution of one letter or of one word or defect, or single correction supplied from texts.
- the asterisk *** are the sign of terms supplied in the other manuscripts.


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