A 2nd phone reading with psychic medium Jason Oliver
(on 2-28-2001, for Joe P‚shka).

[ later part of reading, after connecting with Joe's grandfather Bill, and then, Jeannette, again ]

Jason Oliver: Joe, do you have any questions so far?

Joe: the only question that I have is, Jeannette passed with her daughter, and I'm wondering how her daughter [ Dezirae ] would be doing?

Jason Oliver: Ok, did the daughter have like dirty dishwater colored hair?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: ok, before going with this energy, I'll confirm it with you.

Joe: yes.

Jason Oliver: kind of a slight built young lady, and I'm feeling with her, now, this is interesting, now I feel, rather, now, remember, this is past, I'm doing a little bit of checking in with them, to get in from the past to get them into today, ok?

Joe: right

Jason Oliver: So, I feel not only did mother have a lot of ups and downs and mood swings, but I think the daughter did too.

Joe: yes.

Jason Oliver: So I'm giving you that as a verification because I'm feeling her energy, and literally, it's almost like, hmm, when they were in that place they might have been having a bit of a squabble, ok?

Joe: uh-huh!

Jason Oliver: did they tend to kind of cross each other sometimes?

Joe: oh, yes!

Jason Oliver: I feel that's what was kind of going on, we didn't pay attention, ok?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: And, anyway, I'm going to the daughter in the now,... You know, it does seem to me that the daughter, while she was here on the earth plane, was somewhat depressed, I'ld say more of the time than we would think. Did you notice if she had a withdrawn nature?

Joe: oh, yes, very much so.

Jason Oliver: And I feel like, somebody who doesn't feel too good about myself, in fact, with her I think she had stomach problems, did she have some stomach problems?

Joe: oh, yes.

Jason Oliver: Yes, because my stomach is definitely churning.

Joe: [ laughs ]

Jason Oliver: but, see, that's just identification because getting into where they are now, with the daughter, I definitely feel a lot of realization, see,...  the daughter seemed to blame Mom for everything, do you understand that?

Joe: uh-huh.

Jason Oliver: And she's saying she realizes now, that, you know, that her mother, too, was the victim of her own circumstances, and literally, so was she, that, that she could have seen that much easier, but she now recognizes that.

Joe: oh, very good!

Jason Oliver: So, she's in a very good place,..uh, oh goodness,.. I get a chill with her, uh, literally,...  you've been feeling, like a,...  I got to say this in the right way,...  you've been feeling a little pain in the right side of your neck.

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Don't just say it to say it, have you been feeling like a little stigmata pain in your right neck area

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Yea, I feel that this daughter is trying to get your attention, ok?

Joe: oh, really!

Jason Oliver: So, just acknowledge her and that you recognize that she is there, and you'll find the pain easing and changing, so please, do that, even take a moment right now, and do that.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: Just acknowledge her and then notice the change in that energy.

[ pause for a moment ]

Jason Oliver: I think she was just trying to get your attention, ok?

Joe: uh-hm

Jason Oliver: Do you feel a difference in the energy?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Sometimes we feel a total relief when we do that.

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Because the spirit does try to get our attention, and it's HARD FOR THEM TO GET OUR ATTENTION, so they have to do it physically.

Joe: uh-huh

Jason Oliver: So, she really wants to thank you because you were so patient with her, and, with her mother.

Joe:  I'm glad to have done that!

Jason Oliver: Well, and, she's definitely saying, she's adding the word patience, but she's saying it was a loving persistence and patience.

Joe:  Yes, it was.

Jason Oliver: So, she wants to acknowledge you for that, and she wants to thank you, she wants you to know, that it didn't go unheeded, even though you might have thought that she was resentful of you, yea,... did she feel, did she put out to you, like she had some resentment toward you?

Joe:  Possibly, because I was, like, entering her life.

Jason Oliver: Yes, I feel, I feel it was just anyone who would've been there would've gotten the same treatment.

Joe:  yes, that's true.

Jason Oliver: And that's what she's telling me. It wasn't specific, and it wasn't. She wants to thank you for having the love and patience that you did have.

Joe:  good!

Jason Oliver: And that's really kind of neat. Actually,... I'm going back over to Jeannette, because when I first came in and got the energy of her, it was just like, basically, actually,... she's been rather busy, because, she's done a lot of growing.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: She's done a lot of changes, she's let go of her sadness, and her, because she's communicating very well, and she looks very clear right now, I don't feel the fluctuation in moods as I had with her. [ prior reading a month earlier ]

Joe:  good !

Jason Oliver: And I definitely feel, almost what we would say, like, a complete healing, and I feel she's in a much better place,... oh, wow,... she wants to thank you, I'm sorry, I almost ran right by this one, she wants to thank you because you have been praying for her.

Joe:  That's absolutely true.

Jason Oliver: And she says your prayers are heard and they are felt. She doesn't want you to be sad, now, because, you know, she's with God and with the Angels, and she says that can't be all that bad! So, she wants you to know that.

Joe:  ok

Jason Oliver: And I have a feeling with her of letting go of a lot of strife she had on the earth plane, ..just,... really, a lot of, I just feel like,  totally, I breathe out,  and I just relax.

Joe:  oh, that's good.

Jason Oliver: hmm, a lot of love from her and, uh, she's showing me something about you. Have you been feeling, lately, like, you kind of get, it's like, mentally, you're distracted, and you forget what you're doing in the middle of what you are doing?

Joe:  oh, yes.

Jason Oliver: Well, that's kind of her, it's like we're actually being able to change our mindset in many ways, and literally she's helping to reinstall new patterns, is the best way I could express that.

Joe:  interesting!

Jason Oliver: So, it's like we think we're phasing out, we're kind of, maybe a little concerned about it more, lately,...

Joe:  yes

Jason Oliver: But it's just a matter of being able to let go and let go more deeply, and to not remember as much in a negative way, ok? So, we're letting go of a lot of negative and negative feelings thru doing this.

Joe:  I hope so.

Jason Oliver: Oh, well, she's definitely showing me she's instrumental in this, it's almost like I feel sometimes like I would be concerned about my mental health, do you understand that?

Joe:  yes

Jason Oliver: Well, you don't have to be.

Joe:  oh, good.

Jason Oliver: Because it's not about that at all, it's about letting go of old things, and literally what I'm being told, is that's the only way we could do it.

Joe:  right !

Jason Oliver: So, literally you're getting a little bit of a meltdown in a very kind and loving way.

Joe:  [ laughs ]

Jason Oliver: Ok? And that's what I'm being told here.

[ pause for a moment ]

Jason Oliver: You know,...  I've tried to,...  there's a little girl from the World of Spirit, and I'm seeing the little girl, probably around 6 or 7 years, she has like dirty blond hair, but her hair is long and coarser, and it's a little bit on the wavy, - now I don't know where this girl belongs, Joe, but she's come in here twice.

Joe:  I think that's Jeannette's daughter. [ *note Ė  Dezirae ]

Jason Oliver: Is she that little?

Joe:  she was 10.

Jason Oliver: Oh, my goodness, that's why, ok, that's who this is. I was thinking I was dealing with an older person without seeing the whole body type * [ ed. note - see below ], but,...  wow, ok, the little girl was a little bit, I would say, immature.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: And so I'm seeing her probably slightly younger than she is because that's the way she acted.

Joe:  Yes, that's true.

Jason Oliver: So, ok,...  well, ok then, that makes sense to me - I kept avoiding that picture because I expected Jeannette's daughter to be older, see?

Joe:  uh-huh.

Jason Oliver: So this picture's come in twice, now. I CANNOT AVOID IT !

Joe: [ laughs ]

Jason Oliver: Definitely dirty blond and a little coarser hair, not coarse, I mean it's got good body, ok?

[ *note Ė this is an accurate description of Dezirae - click here for photo ]

Joe: right

Jason Oliver: It's got a good texture and be kind of naturally curly type.

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: And this girl has a temper, too! [ laughs ] Did she have a temper?

Joe: Oh, yes, she did!

Jason Oliver: Yea, that's what I'm seeing. There's a lot changing with her now, too, and, yes, that was her, and she did want you to know she does thank you, so that's what she's communicating. Now, do you have anything else?

Joe: no

Jason Oliver: Then God bless you!


The end of the telephone call and reading.

the energy of a lady
" The Energy of a Lady "

These transcripts were made from audio cassette recordings. 
The telephone calls were transcontinental. Jason was talking from Florida, while Joe was in Arizona

Jason Oliver can be reached at www.jasonloliver.com.

The University of Arizona's Afterlife Experiments
- Human Energy Systems Laboratory

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The good folks at STARCHILD BOOKS also offer excellent psychic medium services.

"Beyond the familiar world of material time-bound reality is a deeper reality that is unbounded, timeless and causeless. Love is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth of the heart of creation."
- Deepak Chopra

in memory of Jeannette and Dezirae



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* [ed. note] in Sanskrit - " manomayak‚ya " = spiritual-mind body