A telephone reading with psychic medium Jason Oliver
(on 2-7-2001, for Joe Pâshka).

Jason Oliver: Ok, let me explain, we may have a couple of people in Spirit that are there for you, that they kind of hold an energy to open a door.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: Oh, goodness,... I have a lady from the world of Spirit, but I'm getting a mother's energy, grandmother or mother,... she had, uh, I would call it salt & pepper hair, she wore it a little bit short, and she's a little on the stout side, she would be about 5'6" or 7". I'm estimating the height, there I may be wrong.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: and she's coming to you like your mother,... is your mother in Spirit?

Joe: no, my mother is still alive.

Jason Oliver: this would be probably be a grandmother, then, or someone that was close to you, like mother, do you recognize the lady?

Joe: that's got to be my grandmother

Jason Oliver: you were close with her?

Joe: yes, I was pretty close.

Jason Oliver: well, cause she's coming thru to you in a mother's energy, like she nurtured you somewhat, and in her feeling somewhat close to you. So, she's definitely with you, ok?

Joe: that's beautiful.

Jason Oliver: now, when I touch her energy, she had a, I'm getting a feeling of shortness of breath, did she have difficulty breathing in the latter part of her life?

Joe: she was quite old (Joe's grandmother, Johanna, was born in 1883 )

Jason Oliver: I'm feeling a lot of, well, it would be almost like a developing pnuemonia because of different things, something of this nature, i feel, not necessarily heart related with her but definitely feel my chest area. I think it was was probably a complication of say aging and different things set in because I think her last few years of her life she had alot of medical conditions going on.

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: So what I'm feeling with her was not specific, they probably listed the death as a pulmonary condition I would imagine,... I'm feeling, like in her energy, it is very hard for me to breathe, I feel labored at breathing, but it doesn't mean it's still there, that means she's letting me know to give you some identification.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: So if you would check that out, even with your family, you'ld probably find that something of this nature did happen, huh,... you know,... oh,... I understand this,... she's been close to you, she's been consoling you, she's wearing black, and when I see that it's like for mourning. I feel she's lovingly supporting you. Those in Spirit, when they depart the physical, don't just leave us.

Joe: right

Jason Oliver: So they do support us in various ways, and I feel a comforting energy from her. So, at times, when you are maybe despondent, you'll feel a comforting energy come to you. Do you recognize that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: And that is who she is, that is what she is doing. She's a wonderful lady, I like her energy. I would say when you would know her, she's giving me a little more of an indication in her earlier days, she was a bit of a feisty person, it would be that she was somewhat stubborn, do you understand that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: The energy I get from her, she wasn't really serious about it, it was kind of like a game with her.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: So people would take her seriously and she kind of chuckled inwardly about this because her nature was actually pretty open and pretty loving but that was one of her protections, too, she was a very gentle soul. But she did have a feisty nature, this was something she did to keep her from getting too much into an other emotion. Now, and, yes, by the way, she sends you her love, and her greetings. She is glad that you recognize her. She's a very sweet lady and definitely is there with you on your behalf. She sends you love and condolences, yes, but,  she  also wants you to know that there is a continuation of life, the soul or the energy of that continues. So, that's her basic message to you, ok?

Joe: oh, that's beautiful!

Jason Oliver: She says "it's not over when we think it's over".

Joe: [ laughs ]

Jason Oliver: I guess she had a funny way with words? Is that true?

Joe: she spoke a different language [ note - Suvalkian Lithuanian ], so I didn't pick up all the peculiarities of it.

Jason Oliver: I would say people would kind of chuckle because she might speak a little backwards if that were translated.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: In the language she is coming from, that would be the way it was spoken, so, I'm not hearing the language, but I'm getting a little bit of awkwardness in the translation, ok?

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: Anyway, now, ...we have a gentleman also from the world of Spirit. The gentleman is, he feels like he's on your father's side of the family. I'm feeling the father's side. I could be wrong. I think he retained his agility thru-out his life. In other words, he did not get the typical potbelly and all of that. He was still somewhat agile and very alert. Are you recognizing this gentleman so far?

Joe: I think so, I believe that might be my grandfather, Kazys.

Jason Oliver: Is that on your father's side of the family?

Joe: That's my father's side.

Jason Oliver: Because he's standing over there and I'm going "oh,... ok".
This man apparently was kind of good with money, or wheeling and dealing, do you understand that?

Joe: Oh, that would be my father!

Jason Oliver: ahhhhhhh

Joe: That would be my father, he was real good with wheeling and dealing.

Jason Oliver: Is he in spirit?

Joe:  Yes, he's passed on.

Jason Oliver: Well, this gentleman had brown hair.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: Ok, yes, and a bit of a receded hairline, but he still had a full head of hair.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: Ok, alright,...and he's with you as well, but, you know, it's funny,...people, i think didn't realize the depth of this man, he had quite another side to him, which you would probably recognize. Was he a bit of a philosopher?

Joe:  Oh, yes

Jason Oliver: And, actually, we would consider it non-religious but very spiritual, do you understand that?

Joe:  uh-huh

Jason Oliver: Because, actually, he is very, he's telling me, and showing me, that's he's very much alive there. And, uh, he's saying that you have some of this ability that he has, in other words, you're also good with financial matters.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: And he says, he's telling me, like, the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Joe:  [ laughs out loud ]

Jason Oliver: And it is kind of funny the way he's, oh,... I'm getting a different language pattern, too,... his parents were from another country, yes?

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: Ok, so he spoke just a wee bit different, he spoke English, but he spoke it a little bit differently than most.

Joe:  Yes, but he became very adept at speaking english.

Jason Oliver: Because I'm having a differenciation in language pattern with him.

Joe:  Ok

Jason Oliver: And, I mean, it doesn't mean he was not a good speaker, I think he pronounced very well.

Joe:  He probably thought in the other language

Jason Oliver: Ahh, you're probably right, ok, yes, that's, but I have to hand it to this man, because I think he overcame a lot of obstacles, and he really accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

Joe:  Yes, he did. [ he arrived at Ellis Island with only $2 and did not know any English ]

Jason Oliver: And, by the way, he's standing there, you know, like how we stand with our thumbs under our armpits, you know, like we're proud of something.

Joe:  right !

Jason Oliver: Ok, ... he's very proud of you.

Joe:  Oh, that's very relieving, he was critical during our relationship.

Jason Oliver: Well, you know, he's kind of telling me why he said that, because he wanted you to do even better, that's why he was very hard on you.

Joe:  Well, that's a good father!

Jason Oliver: And,... so he did give you praise, though, he's telling me that.

Joe:  Yes, he did

Jason Oliver: He did make sure that you understood the ways of the world and such, so that you could do well yourself.

Joe:  right !

Jason Oliver: So, I mean, he was a very good teacher

Joe:  Yes, he was a very good teacher.

Jason Oliver: and a  wonderful man. He does want you to know that he loved you very much - he didn't express it alot.

Joe:  yea, that's true.

Jason Oliver: And when I touch that energy with him, there's a little sadness there, in other words, he wished he would've, maybe been not so hard on you and been a little more explicit about his feeling toward you, but, you know, in his eyes, though I think he would not feel this, I think the sun rose and set, in other words, he really had alot, let's say, high dreams and good vision for you and your life and your future.

Joe:  right

Jason Oliver: He was a profound man in many ways.

Joe:  Yes, he was.

Jason Oliver: He could have written books, he could have done  all kinds of things that would have benefited other people, because he really knew alot of, some of the principals that people only talk about now, he knew them.

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: So, he was, what we would say, a natural,... positive thinking and accomplishment.

Joe:  You bet ! That's great !

Jason Oliver: It's good to have him in your corner, let me tell you !

Joe:  Yes

Jason Oliver: Now,... uh,...I have the energy of a lady who is probably older than she looks,…she looks to be in her forties but the hair is, uh, it’s a little,…I might be getting two people here, so I’m going to try to separate this,…because they’re coming in very quickly.

The lady had almost, like black hair, but there was kind of a reddish cast to it.

[ *note – Jeannette had just tinted her hair, with a REDDISH tint ! ! ! ]

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: And, uh, oh , as I’m going to her energy, uh, is this, uh, I’m feeling that she was maybe around 5’6" or so, and she was a wee bit on the stout side,…I’m feeling, uh, oh, goodness, …this may be a little difficult,…is this your wife?

[ *note – Jeannette was, in fact, exactly 5’6" ! ! ! ]

Joe: She was gonna be.

Jason Oliver: Is this the Jeannette we speak of?

Joe: I believe so.

Jason Oliver: Because what I’m getting with her is, uh, we’re not too communicative, because it’s almost as though I think she went thru a period of illness, did she go thru a period of illness?

Joe: No, she….

Jason Oliver: Well, DON’T give me any details because I’ll explain what I’m getting and you’ll understand it more.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: Because I want you to understand that it is a communication rather than me drawing information out of you.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: That’s VERY important!…With her I’m feeling, uh, ok, uh, the, you see I’m having a wee period of depression or despondency,…in other words, I feel cut off there, like, somebody turned out the lights very quickly, but it’s almost like she’s,…she’s,..uh,…well,…how old was she when she went to spirit?

Joe: 35

Jason Oliver: Yeah,…but she’s,…it’s almost like she feels very much, a little resentful, because we feel we were taken before it was our time to be taken, so that, she had a, she, was she in an accident or something? Because I feel the lights went out VERY quickly!

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: and,… but,… see I was tuning what I would consider the, the, um, the negative part or the part, that, that, the despondency. Did she live a while before she went to spirit? Or was she in a coma for a minute or two?

Joe: she lived for about 3 hours.

Jason Oliver: yea, I mean, I’m definitely sensing that her consciousness at that time was not ready to leave the body,…that the body,… it was really too late,… and there’s a little sadness from her,…but I’m getting now into her energy. Was she a rather impatient lady?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Because I’m sitting here FIDGETING in my chair!!! Now with your father and grandmother, I felt very, uh, somewhat at peace, you know, …but in Jeannette’s energy I begin to fidget! It’s like, you know, "well, HURRY UP, OK ! ".

Joe: uh-ha

Jason; So, she has a very unique,…actually I’m understanding, …she has a sense of humor, but at times she could be extremely serious, you know,… I feel that, in her life she was hurt a great deal,… do you understand that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: Because I think she was very defensive, and, I think one of the few people that she really allowed into her heart was you. And that’s definitely what I’m getting from her, because, there was definitely a trust with you, that she had, I would say, with very few others, and when I go,… OH,… goodness,… that’s my breathing problem, too, I’m back to the breathing, this is Jeannette, was it upper torso, or something in this area?

Joe: yes, she had like an asthma, and a difficulty breathing.

Jason Oliver: yea, I definitely have a breathing restriction with her, uh, ok, now it’s relaxing,…I guess,… she really wants you to know that she’s still around, ok?

Joe: ok

Jason; well, she is a very loving soul, but I don’t feel that she opened up this energy to really almost anyone but yourself,…maybe close family members, and maybe a time or two other in her life, but there are not many people she let read her book, do you understand that?

Joe: yes!

Jason Oliver: and, she was somewhat a complicated person, but, because, I don’t think that she could release a lot of early struggles she had in her life, and, the,…I’m feeling,…,uh,…, I’m feeling almost even with her family she did not feel that close to them. Did she feel close to her family?

Joe: well, there was distance

Jason; well,…yea,…I mean, this was also like an emotional distance, too, … I think she could tolerate them, but, but, she’d never really felt that supportive or really there for her.

Joe: ok, I can follow that

Jason Oliver: She may not have discussed that but that I think is one of the reasons why she was kind of a closed person to many people.

Joe: yea

Jason Oliver: because she was forever almost protecting herself, you know, she was criticized a lot, too, and I think that’s why I have this energy of not wanting a lot of people to know about me.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: now,… ok,…, whoa,…, do you feel at times like a slight pressure on your left shoulder?

Joe: I haven’t noticed that, but, well, I’m a blockhead most of the time!

Jason Oliver: I don’t think you are a blockhead, but she’s showing me that she reaches out to touch your left shoulder, so at times you’ll feel maybe a slight pressure, or a strange feeling in that shoulder.

Joe: ok

Jason Oliver: And you’ll understand that she’s, like, she’s letting you know she IS there!

Joe: good

Jason Oliver: She said that point with both of you having been in sadness, that it would be hard for you to actually sense her presence. Do you understand that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: because you’ve been feeling, that,… well,…you’ve been feeling total loss, ok?

Joe: yea

Jason; and, uh, she, too, has been feeling, I would say, her feeling is more the resentment of being taken at this point in her life,… but,… and,… I will, by the way, insert prayerwork for her so that she, she can feel happier, because, at this point, she, it’s a little bit hard to communicate with her, because, you know, it’s like, "why me? Why now?",… alright, and I think maybe I might do that if I were that age, or maybe at any age, so it is nothing unusual, ok?

Joe: right

Jason Oliver: It doesn’t surprise me finding out that , that, she had passed rather quickly, and maybe within her consciousness had about 2 to 3 hours to contemplate her life before she passed to spirit, so, that would be between the rock and the hard place,… but she is a very loving soul, and she wants you to know that she is with you. She has,… uh,…ok,…she’s,…ok,… even our communication with her is bringing her energy in better, because she is brightening up in my,… uh,… in my,… I don’t know how to explain to you, my spiritual vision I guess would be the best way to say it, because, she is realizing many things, WOW,…whoa,…ok,…for the majority of her life she kind of felt, like, her life was useless in many ways, do you understand that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: And she’s realizing that, you know, that her life was NOT useless, that, she’ld met many people who had been beneficial to her and that she’ld been beneficial for, or toward. And so in many ways, you know, I think she helped a lot of people.

Joe: yes, she did!

Jason Oliver: But she didn’t think of it, she looked at it during the time she was doing it, as, something you HAVE to do. So I don’t think she looked at it as, actually, well, we could say, "getting stars in Heaven", ok, but, it WAS! , and she’s reflecting on these things and seeing the goodness that she did, she’s realizing that her life did have a purpose, and, uh, that it did have a flow of consciousness. Um,…WOW,… now, actually it will be easier, too, for you to feel her,… uh,… so, and I would say within the week’s time you’ll start feeling this energy or this touch on your left shoulder,… ok,… cause she does feel close to you, she does feel very close to you,… and,… uh,… I don’t understand this, … there was some hesitancy about, uh, a more committed type relationship, do you understand that?

Joe: yes

Jason Oliver: And what she’s reflecting on, or, what she’s telling me about, is that, well, she’s apologizing that it was hard for her to trust people, and that ultimately she did trust you above all else, and that was in the way of her literally of making a commitment. I think it wasn’t that she couldn’t make one, it was that she felt inside of her that, um, ok, most situations when she felt that she could commit, or that she got closer to people she felt betrayed so she realizes now that with you that would not have happened and so she’s sorry that she did not make a more committed situation with you.

Joe: Well, actually, I should’ve committed myself faster, but it was kind of complicated.

Jason Oliver: No, I’m getting the complication from her, but there was also hesitancy on her part due to prior situations she had gone thru, so she might have appeared to be open, but, if you were more open, she would’ve probably been more retreating.

Joe: that’s a good perspective

Jason Oliver: Because, I feel that that part, that hesitancy on your part to commit was literally coming from her, ok?, it’s almost like you were symbiotic with each other, so,… she’s a very delightful Lady, and a very sweet soul, and she does want you to know that she will be with you, and, uh, you’re going to be, … her energy’s becoming stronger,…again, too, we have probably,…she was more, let’s say, religious in her early life, and that was some baggage for her, because I think that was baggage for her on the other side, and our communication is making her even come more alive to me, so I know that you’ll be understanding more and feeling more from her in the very near future.

Joe: Oh, good!

Jason Oliver: She is a wonderful soul, and very spiritual, beyond the religion, you know, God is not a religion, God simply is, and, uh literally she did, she fulfilled her purpose in many ways, because the only way we can literally serve God is to serve mankind, and there she was, doing that. So, I get that, she, you know, would help people that she felt needed help, or needed her assistance, without hesitation, she just DID IT. But actually, what I’m getting from her is, is, she had a confusion about the other side, because of her religious upbringing. Was she Catholic?

Joe: No

Jason Oliver: I’m feeling like a very dogmatic sort of religion, ok?

Joe: like Pentecostal

Jason Oliver: Oh, that’s very dogmatic, ok, and what’s she’s explaining to me is it’s not quite the way she thought it was going to be, and so that was some of her hesitation, and I think now you’ll even feel her sooner, because of this communication. Alright?

Joe: Alright!

Jason Oliver: Well, God bless you!


The end of the telephone call and reading.

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the energy of a lady
" The Jeannette we speak of "

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